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Fire Damage Cleanup In Staten Island |What To Do Right After A Fire Damage

Fire Damage Cleanup in Staten Island |What to Do Right After a Fire Damage

When a fire occurs, you may be confused about what to do and how to do it. First things first, getting a fire damage cleanup company will lessen the stress of having to restore your home yourself.

If you are looking for a fire damage cleanup in Staten Island, ServiceMaster can come to your rescue and help you restore your home as soon as possible.

Do the following immediately after fire damage in your home

Ensure Safety

Immediately there is a fire in your home, ensure you and your family are safe. Evacuate the area and call the fire emergency line for a prompt response. Please stay away from the fire zone until it is safe to enter.

Document the Fire Damage Extent

As soon as the area is safe to access, take pictures and videos of the site. These will come in handy when sending out claims to your insurance company.  While at it, call your insurance company and speak to your agent about the extent of the damage.

Call a Fire Damage Restoration Company

It is not advisable to start cleaning up and restoring your home, but this is not advisable. The best approach would be to call a fire damage restoration company and leave them to handle the job.

At ServiceMaster, we strive to ensure your home is restored as soon as possible after a fire accident. Our team is skilled and equipped to provide fire damage cleanup in Staten Island so that you can trust us with your home.

Fires are destructive, and as much as you want to save your home, you could also expose yourself to danger. On that note, let ServiceMaster take on the job and get your home back together. We provide fire damage cleanup in Staten Island, so call us and let us take care of the mess.

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