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Flood Damage Cleanup In Staten Island | How To Clean After A Flood

Flood Damage Cleanup in Staten Island | How to Clean After a Flood

Cleaning after a flood can be tedious but it is crucial. Cleaning and disinfecting help to reduce the risk of health hazards as well as restore the home to functionality. This is why you should consider professionals for flood damage cleanup to ensure the process is effective. 

What are some of the guidelines to follow when cleaning after a flood?

Ensure Safety

Safety comes first. Even though your house is messy and needs immediate cleanup, it is vital to be aware of the potential hazards. The water may be unsanitary-containing sewage and other harmful contaminants. To avoid risk, shut off your electricity and gas. Also, ensure you wear rubber boots when entering a flooded area.

Remove Standing water

You should remove standing water slowly while draining it in stages. Removing water quickly while still saturated can cause buckling of floors or walls. Pumps and pails are efficient equipment for removing standing water. If standing water covers a large area, contact professionals for flood damage cleanup for help.

Remove Contaminated and Saturated Materials

After pumping out water, removing all soaked and contaminated materials is essential. Ensure you place them in plastic bags and tow them. If the sewage waste is extreme, have professionals take on the job to ensure safety.

Clean and Disinfect Household Items

You should clean thoroughly and safely after a flood. Ensure to read the label of products before use for safety. You can use liquid household cleaners to clean your walls, tile, and floors. Chlorine bleach in dilute form is best for cleaning carpets and furniture. Additionally, disinfecting is crucial as it helps control the spread of bacteria and viruses in floodwater.

Dry Surfaces

Ensure to dry your surfaces with air or heat within 24-48 hours. You can use dehumidifiers and heavy duty vacuums to eliminate moisture completely. Also ensure you dry all the affected valuables to prevent potential mold growth. 

Floods can be overwhelming to manage. Thankfully, ServiceMaster is a call away to restore your home to its functional state quickly. We have tools to ensure effective flood damage and you can call us as soon as the disaster strikes.

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