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Flood Damage Cleanup in Staten Island | Tips to Save Your Home After Flooding

When flooding occurs, you can be overwhelmed by thoughts of your home depreciating. But that is not always the case, especially if you start flood cleanup on time. ServiceMaster by Complete provides flood damage cleanup in Staten Island; you can bring them on board to help you save your home after flooding.

Here are helpful tips for Flood Damage Cleanup in Staten Island:

Call Your Insurance Company

Before restoration starts, take pictures of the affected areas and do not throw out damaged items until your insurance agent inspects them. That way, you can claim damages and take advantage of your policy.


Avoid coming into contact with floodwater; it is contaminated and can pose health risks in most cases. Leave this to the professionals. ServiceMaster by Complete has a trained team providing flood damage cleanup in Staten Island; they will take care of the mess.

Shut Off Utilities

Shut off your water lines from the main valve to prevent extensive flooding if it started from a faulty pipe. Switch off the electricity from the main switch to avoid contact with water. Lastly, locate the shutoff valve of your gas supply and shut it off.

Professional Restoration

Leave the cleanup and restoration to the professionals. They have the right tools and follow specific strategies to extract water, dry the areas and restore your home. They will also clean and disinfect the area leaving it safe to resume operation.

You can save your home after flooding with immediate intervention from your restoration company. ServiceMaster by Complete is reliable and provides flood damage cleanup in Staten Island. They are experienced in handling flooding situations and use the right equipment to restore properties to functionality.

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