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How Flood And Leak Detectors Can Protect Your Home From Water Damage

How Flood and Leak Detectors Can Protect Your Home from Water Damage

A hidden fault in the basement plumbing system spurs a tiny leak in a darkened, unused recess. The trickle of water seeps onto the floors of the basement. Unbeknownst to the homeowner, puddles of water drench the carpeting, seep into the legs of an antique desk and destroy a collection of baseball cards stored on a bottom shelf.

Water damage like this is avoidable. In the above scenario, the homeowner is unaware of the leak, as the basement is mainly utilized as a storage area. Still, valuable property is housed there, making the safety and dryness of the basement as relevant and important as any frequently used spot in the house.

Even more compelling is the fact that this tiny leak in the water pipes can easily burst, exploding into a massive surge of floodwaters within minutes. Appliances, like washing machines and water heaters, too, can leak, leading to unanticipated flooding. No homeowner wants to come home to four inches of standing water. The consequences of water damage are severe, ranging from mold growth to rotted structures and destroyed buildings.

Water Damage Prevention

Protect your home in Staten Island, NY from water damage

A flooded home in Staten Island, NY. Property water damage can be prevented with the installation of water sensors.

Property water damage can be prevented with the installation of water sensors. Leak detectors monitor moisture levels in the space in which they are installed. Flood detectors alert a homeowner when the water level reaches the point when flooding becomes a possibility.

These electronic detectors can be placed anywhere in the home. Areas that have the likelihood of flooding include the kitchen, basement, bathroom and laundry room. Appliances, such as a washing machine in the laundry room, a dishwasher in the kitchen or a water heater in the basement, can spring a leak.  Ideally, the installation of multiple leak detectors will protect the home against serious water damage from broken appliances and faulty plumbing.

Homeowners are alerted of the leak via technology, like a smartphone or tablet. Essentially, the flood sensor works through the home’s security system. When the water level gets too high, the homeowner or property manager is instantly notified of the danger.

Convenient Features

Certain flood and leak detectors are equipped with the ability to gauge temperatures and warn a homeowner about conditions that are conducive to freezing. These leak detectors monitor the warmth of a home, so that frozen pipes do not become a possibility. Leak detectors that monitor temperatures allow a homeowner ample time to remotely adjust the home’s thermostat. Ideal spots in the home for temperature and leak monitoring include the basement and garage. Frequently, areas like an unheated garage or basement are notorious for chilly temps, making burst plumbing pipes a likelihood.

A critical advantage of some flood detectors is the device’s connection to the home’s water supply. In the event a homeowner is on vacation and is alerted to moisture levels rising in the basement as a result of a leaky water heater, for instance, the leak sensor has the capability to automatically turn off the home’s entire water supply. When internal floods develop due to faulty appliances, further flooding is prevented with the innovative capabilities of a leak sensor.

What a leak sensor does not offer is a warning to the homeowner about an oncoming flash flood. After the floodwaters seep into an area in which a sensor is in operation, the alert will sound.

Easy Operability

Leak sensors operate via a cable that runs along the floor. This probe, or cable, functions with water’s electrical conductivity. The presence of water around the probe triggers an alert to the homeowner. Sensors are also inconspicuous. These tiny devices allow for even heavy foot traffic in the surrounding areas. In the event a pet or wild animal fiddles with the sensor’s cables, a tamper alert is dispatched to the homeowner immediately.

Flood and leak detectors are operated with batteries that can endure for up to ten years. Easy to install, flood sensors are also simple to use. Just turn them on and let them work.

Peace of Mind

Useful to homeowners, leak sensors are especially crucial when no one is at home to monitor unsafe water levels. Flooding causes major water damage in homes that are situated in flood zones, such as those along river banks or coastal properties. High risk homes are ideally suited for flood and leak detector installations. Given the possibility of a leaky fridge or other appliance, homeowners in general are advised to safeguard their property with flood sensors.

Water has the potential to unleash a wave of destruction. Properties undergo structural damage when excess moisture penetrates porous surfaces, like wood, drywall, insulation and hardwood flooring. In addition, building materials become severely weakened and warped when soaked in water, making the home hazardous to occupy.

Plus, mold growth can occur swiftly in moisture-rich areas. In as little as 24 hours, mold spores can flourish. When mold colonies infiltrate a home, the food source that nourishes the spores rots, leaving behind weakened structures. Mold also triggers a host of health conditions, including respiratory illnesses, watery eyes and skin irritation.

No home is safe from flooding. Wherever rain falls, the chances of flooding exist. In every home, appliances have the potential to leak. Protect your home with a flood and leak detector. When homeowners are out of town, the water sensors offer peace of mind and the chance to fix a problem before it develops into an unmanageable, catastrophic event.

When water damage makes its entrance, contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete to restore your home. Our skilled water damage restoration technicians arrive quickly onsite to develop a restoration plan. Cutting-edge water extraction equipment is utilized to remove all excess water from the property. Powerful dehumidifiers and air movers thoroughly dry out the home, reinstating it to its pre-disaster condition. As a final step, the team sanitizes the affected space, ridding the property of water-borne pathogens and pollutants.

ServiceMaster by Restoration Complete recognizes the dangers of water damage. We offer emergency services to the residential and business communities in Franklin Township, NJ.

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