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ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete

Serving Franklin Township, NJ and all of Somerset County and Middlesex County in New Jersey

Mold growth can be difficult to prevent in your home, and even harder to remove.  Mold spores are a constant presence in the air and when they find an environment that provides moisture and a food source, they will form into mold growth.  Mold is dangerous because it can cause extensive damage if ignored long enough and exposure to mold can cause a range of health issues.  ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete provides mold remediation services in Franklin Township, NJ and all of Somerset County and Middlesex County in New Jersey to remove mold growth and restore the resulting damage.  We will keep the contamination contained as well as locate and remove all hidden mold.

Moisture is essential for mold to grow which is why it is much more likely as a result of water damage.  Cellulose, which is found in wood and drywall, is the most common food source for mold.  If given enough time, the mold will eat away enough of the affected surface to cause permanent damage.  Mold colonies also release spores which spread the mold growth to different areas and cause allergic reactions such as runny or stuffy nose, skin irritation, and itchy eyes and throat.  Breathing in the spores for too long can cause respiratory infections.

Mold Remediation Services for Franklin Township, NJMold Removal Process

Our highly trained technicians have the right equipment and cleaning products to completely remove mold from your home or business.  A nationally recognized testing facility helps us thoroughly test for mold so we can discover and remove all hidden mold growth.

Our mold removal services include these basic steps:

  • Thorough testing and evaluation to locate all mold.
  • Report of our findings is made and given to your insurance company.
  • Isolation of the mold growth to prevent it from spreading.
  • Formation of mold removal plan based on our evaluation.
  • Total removal of the mold as well as restoration of the damage.

Mold can spread quickly and cause devastating damage so make sure you act fast if you find mold in your home or building.  ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete is ready to completely remove mold and help you prevent it from returning.  Call us 24 hours a day at (732) 840-3570 for complete mold remediation services in Franklin Township, NJ as well as all of Somerset County and Middlesex County in New Jersey.

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