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No one wants to experience damage to their property, especially if it is the result of an act of vandalism.  Random acts of vandalism can happen at any time and result in minor to severe damage on your property.  Being the victim of an act of vandalism is very frustrating, but getting your property cleaned and restored quickly can help you move on from the incident.  At ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete, we provide vandalism cleanup and repair services for homes and businesses in Newark, NJ and the surrounding communities in Essex County.  We can effectively repair physical damage to your home or building and remove any leftover debris.

We can provide vandalism cleanup for affected properties in Newark, Montclair, Caldwell, Cedar Grove, West Orange, Livingston, and the surrounding areas in Essex County, NJ.

It is natural to feel a sense of anger and frustration when you discover that your property has been damaged due to vandalism.  Our technicians will help restore your peace of mind after such a senseless act by cleaning and repairing the damage to your property.  We use advanced cleaning products that can remove egg, graffiti, and other materials, and we will also remove debris such as toilet paper or broken glass.  Our technicians are prepared to repair any damage to the exterior of your home or building as well.

If you are the victim of an act of vandalism, the following tips can help you begin the recovery:

  • Use water to wash away egg and other debris.
  • Remove physical debris from your property and scrape or blot dry stains on fabric.
  • Use a shop vac or broom to remove broken glass.
  • Document the damage by taking photos.

Do not attempt any of the following after an act of vandalism:

  • Do not clean up chemicals like paint or ink.
  • Do not use damaged appliances or electrical equipment.
  • Do not throw away broken items, it is possible that they can be repaired.
  • Do not try to clean carpeting or furniture upholstery yourself.

Discovering damage to your property due to vandalism can ruin your day, but our technicians can help restore your property and your peace of mind with our vandalism cleanup and repair services.  Give us a call at (732) 840-3570 if your property in Newark, NJ or the surrounding areas in Essex County has been affected by vandalism.

We serve Newark, West Orange, Cedar Grove, Bloomfield, Montclair, East Orange, Bellville, Irvington, Livingston, North and West Caldwell, Nutley, and Northfield in Essex County New Jersey.

Vandalism Cleanup in Newark, NJ

Vandalism Cleanup and Repair for Newark, NJ and Essex County

The crime rate in Newark, NJ has dropped in recent years, but this doesn’t mean that petty crimes like vandalism don’t still occur.  Acts of vandalism result in messes and property damage and many that experience vandalism want their property cleaned and repaired as quickly as possible.  At ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete, we provide vandalism cleanup services in Newark, NJ to restore the damage caused by vandals.  Our technicians can effectively clean up graffiti, eggs, and other debris and repair minor damage.

Vandalism Cleanup in Montclair, NJ

If you own a historic home in Montclair, NJ, the thought of having your home damaged by vandalism is at the very least unpleasant.  Acts of vandalism tend to be random and they can result in messes on your property and even property damage.  ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete is ready to help those affected by vandalism in Montclair, NJ with our vandalism cleanup services.  We can clean up messes caused by eggs or graffiti and repair damage to your home caused by vandals.

Vandalism Cleanup in Cedar Grove, NJ

Acts of vandalism on your property are aggravating because they tend to be random, unnecessary acts that cause damage.  Vandals may leave a mess on your property with eggs or spray paint and they may break a window or cause other types of damage.  ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete can clean up the effects of vandalism for homes and buildings in Cedar Grove, NJ.  We will remove all debris from your property and ensure that any damage is repaired.

Vandalism Cleanup in Caldwell, NJ

Residents in the small town of Caldwell, NJ may experience vandalism that results in a mess or damage to your property.  Finding that your property has been damaged by vandalism is frustrating because it is a malicious, unnecessary act.  At ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete, we can help homes and business in Caldwell, NJ that have experienced vandalism with our vandalism cleaning and repair services.  We will remove eggs, spray paint, and other debris from your property as well as repair any resulting damage.

Vandalism Cleanup in West Orange, NJ

The homes and businesses of West Orange, NJ can become victim to acts of vandalism that result in damage and debris on your property.  Acts of vandalism are usually random acts which is what makes them so frustrating, and those who experience vandalism want the damage cleaned up and repaired as soon as possible.  At ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete, we provide vandalism cleaning services to help those affected in West Orange, NJ.  Our technicians can remove debris left by the vandals and repair the damage to your property.

Vandalism Cleanup in Livingston, NJ

Those who live and own businesses in Livingston, NJ may find themselves victims of vandalism.  Vandals typically act randomly, and they can leave behind a mess or damage on your property.  At ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete, we provide vandalism cleanup services to help homes and businesses in Livingston, NJ that are victims of vandalism.  Our technicians will clean up messes including paint and eggs and ensure that all damage to your property is repaired.

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