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How To Prepare For Fall Storm Season In New Jersey: Tornadoes, Hail, And Flooding

How to Prepare for Fall Storm Season in New Jersey: Tornadoes, Hail, and Flooding

Storm season in New Jersey is well underway, unleashing its wave of powerful wind gusts and hail. Emerging storms can potentially devastate the areas within the New Jersey borders. The autumnal season is also rife with tropical storms that cause major flooding to coastal homes.

Knowledgeable homeowners are aware of the importance of securing their property for the possibility of tornadoes, hail and flooding this season. The following are tips to safeguard your home for the approach of New Jersey’s fall storm season.

Trim Greenery

Storm Damage Restoration in New Jersey

Prevent tree limbs from damaging your home by trimming the trees and bushes surrounding the property.

Broken tree branches and fallen trees serve as natural projectiles that can plummet through a home’s siding or windows in the midst of a powerful tornado. Prevent tree limbs from damaging your home by trimming the trees and bushes surrounding the property. The national average cost for removing a tree is $650, with the lowest cost hovering around $75 and the highest cost amounting to $1,500. Factors that impact the price of tree removal include the height of the tree, its location, its condition and the tree’s diameter. Each spring, hire a professional arborist to evaluate the likelihood of a tree destroying your home when the fall storm season makes its brash entrance.

Clean the Gutters

A home’s gutter system only functions when clogs are not present. With the New Jersey fall storm season well along its way, crimson leaves and decayed natural debris shed. Despite its autumnal beauty, the brilliant yellow leaves float and fall into the home’s gutters, clogging them. A blocked gutter during a storm prevents the water from flowing away from the home. The water, without a proper outlet, collects and seeps into the home’s interior.

Prevent water damage by cleaning the gutters and downspouts. Remove accumulated leaves and debris. If climbing a ladder to clean the gutter is too much of a safety risk, hire a licensed professional to take care of the task. The national average cost of professionally cleaning a gutter and downspouts is $151, with $70 on the lower end and $337 on the higher end. Factors that affect the cost of a gutter cleaning include the house height (the more stories, the higher the cost), gutter size, gutter condition and extras, like tightening fasteners or resealing end caps.

Inspect the Roof

A roof damaged by hail or wind allows storm waters to seep into the home, causing rotted sheathing beneath the roof as well as extensive water damage. Examine the roof for damaged or missing shingles. Replace any shingles that show signs of wear. Homeowners save on expenses with do it yourself solutions—broken or missing shingles can be fixed for $30 on average. The price of professionally repairing roofs varies according to the type of roofing material in place. Professional repairs for asphalt shingles cost on average $250, and tile roofs average $350.

Stormproof the Exterior

Storm Damage Restoration in Staten Island, NYStorm doors should be installed for extra protection against tornadoes and hurricanes. Property owners may be eligible for a discount on their homeowner’s insurance premiums by selecting insurance-approved storm shutters. Arrange to have the storm shutters installed prior to the storm season. On average, hurricane shutter installation ranges from $1,869 to $4,864.

Hurricane glass is an alternative to traditional storm shutters. Similar to a car’s windshield, hurricane glass features laminate materials that withstand missile-like force. The glass is also three times thicker than standard window glass. The cost of hurricane glass is $575 per window, and installation typically costs $4,917. While pricey, hurricane glass helps homeowner’s save on insurance costs.

Weather strip drafty doors and windows. Homeowners tend to weather strip all the doors and windows of their home at once. The average cost of materials, such as v-strips, gaskets and door sweeps, to weather strip multiple doors and windows in a home is $243. In fact, sealing multiple doors and windows saves homeowners from incurring added expense.

Back Up the Sump Pump

Prepare for an overloaded or failed sump pump before major flooding occurs. A battery powered backup sump pump functions in case the electricity goes out—along with the main sump pump.

Install a Generator

When the home’s electricity is cut during the height of a tornado or rainstorm, several of the home’s features, including the alarm system, sump pump and air conditioning become nonfunctional. Consider using a generator to keep the home’s important features running. Homeowner’s insurance policies are likely to offer a discount for installing an automatic standby generator. The typical range to install a home generator is $1,159 to $6,355. Gasoline powered generators are the least costly, at $500 to $3,000. Diesel generators can cost up to $15,000.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

Tornadoes, hail and flooding can cut electricity and leave homeowners in the dark for days. Stay connected with a battery powered radio and a supply of fresh batteries. Also keep on hand a flashlight, cash and three days’ worth of food and water for each member of the household. Prepare a first-aid kit and at least seven days’ worth of medications.

If ordered by officials to evacuate, grab a prepared go kit. The go kit should contain the homeowner’s insurance policy and contact information for the insurance agent, financial information, emergency contacts and an extra set of keys.

When the Atlantic storms subside, homeowners may be confronted with serious water damage. ServiceMaster by Restoration Complete offers flood and storm damage restoration to make returning home as comfortable as before the storm hit.

Our flood damage restoration services at ServiceMaster by Restoration Complete include thorough flood water extraction, complete drying of all affected materials, and cleaning and sanitization to prevent the growth and spread of mold. The skilled technicians at ServiceMaster by Restoration Complete are also experts in storm damage restoration. These services include removal of debris, board-ups, and repair of exterior destruction.

The residential and business communities of Franklin Township, New Jersey, rely on the professionalism of ServiceMaster by Restoration Complete in the event of flood and storm damage. Our team members stand by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take emergency calls.

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