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Water Damage Cleanup In Staten Island | How To Prevent Mold After Water Damage

Water Damage Cleanup in Staten Island | How to Prevent Mold After Water Damage

Water damage can be highly destructive, leaving you to repair and replace items in your house. The biggest challenge, however, is dealing with mold growth after water damage. The good thing is if you get professional water damage cleanup, mold growth is less likely to occur. 

This is why it is essential to use professional water damage services. If you are looking for water damage cleanup in Staten Island or its environs, Service Master will take care of that. 

Even with the services of a professional, there are a few things you can do to prevent mold growth after water damage. Here is what you should do. 

Dry Areas Immediately 

Try as much as possible to clean out water within 48 hours after water damage to prevent mold growth. Call a professional cleanup service for prompt response and restorations. The moment you notice a sign of water damage, reach out to Service Master for water damage cleanup in Staten Island and the environs. 

Look Out for Warning Signs

After water damage and restoration, look out for warning signs of the problem resurfacing. Inspect your plumbing system regularly, check for cracks around windows or doors and check the condition of your roof for timely repairs. 

Check the exterior of your home for any water stains on the walls. Also, check your yard for accumulation of groundwater which could be a breeding ground for mold. If you notice water accumulating against the foundation, drain it away from your building to prevent mold growth. 

Get Rid of Damaged Materials 

When water damage occurs, make sure you get rid of any unsalvageable items. If left in your home, these will become breeding grounds for mold, creating an even bigger problem. Replace all the damaged items and make sure the surfaces are completely dry before resuming operations on your property. 

Mold can be challenging to control, especially after extreme water damage. But, with a professional team, you can rest assured of proper treatment and restoration. Service Master provides water damage cleanup in Staten Island, easing the burden of restoring your home to functionality. 

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