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Water Damage Cleanup In Staten Island | Unexpected Areas Where Mold Can Hide In Your Home

Water Damage Cleanup in Staten Island | Unexpected Areas Where Mold Can Hide in Your Home

Mold is one of the significant effects and signs of water damage in homes. While you may notice it growing on a surface in your home, there are many other areas it could go unseen. With such, you may need water damage restoration. Service Master is reliable at water damage cleanup in Staten Island, ensuring mold does not grow in your home after water damage. 

Look out for mold growth in these areas to prevent extensive damage to the components and valuable items. 

Washing Machine Gasket

If you use a front-loading washing machine, there is a high chance mold has built up in the door’s gasket. The moisture collected from the washing process together with the lint provides a favorable environment for mold to grow. What you can do to avoid or control the growth is wiping off the moisture after every wash. 

Air Conditioning Unit

Your AC is designed to trap dust, pollen, and moisture from the air. These create a suitable habitat for mold to grow. Check the drain pans, ducts, and coils for mold and hire a professional to clean it up effectively. 

If you are looking for a restoration company to help you with that, Service Master is a reliable option. They provide water damage cleanup in Staten Island and will take care of the mold situation in your AC unit. 

Refrigerator Drip Pan

Most refrigerators come with drip pans fitted to collect moisture, dirt, etc. If not cleaned regularly, this area can be a favorable place for mold to grow and multiply. Clean the pan regularly using hydrogen peroxide or vinegar to remove all the dirt and moisture buildup. 

Chimneys Interior

Water from rain and snow may find its way inside your chimney, especially if the flushing is damaged or the caps rusted. Mold can grow inside, thanks to the buildup of water, dirt, and other organic matter. You may need to hire a professional to repair any damaged parts and clean up the mold. 

Service Master is incredible at water damage cleanup in Staten Island and the environs. If you need any water damage cleanup service, contact them for a thorough, seamless job. The team is professional and used high-quality equipment to ensure effectiveness. 

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