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Water Damage Cleanup In Staten Island | Why Green Mold Is Dangerous

Water Damage Cleanup in Staten Island | Why Green Mold is Dangerous

Mold comes in different colors, but one thing stands out, it grows in moist areas and can pose a risk to your health. Green mold is no exception hence the need to clean it up as soon as you see the signs. If you are looking for a reliable cleanup service, Service Master provides water damage cleanup in Staten Island and the neighboring areas. 

Why Is Green Mold Dangerous?

The term green mold refers to different species of fungi that grow in that green color. It looks soft, fuzzy, and powdery and can come in different hues of green. You will find this type of mold mainly outdoors where there is constant moisture. 

This could be your exterior walls, along downspouts, driveway edges, etc. Green mold grows uncontrollably as long as there is adequate moisture on the surface. If not taken care of early, it can get out of hand and become hard to remove. 

Most people believe that black mold is the only dangerous type of mold, but that is not the case. Green mold, too, can cause serious health issues on top of destroying your home’s components. 

Continuous exposure to mold, green or black, can cause issues in the respiratory system triggering asthma attacks and allergens. This is why you should remove it as soon as you see it.

The best thing would be to leave the professionals to handle it. Service Master offers water damage cleanup in Staten Island, and one of the things they will help you deal with is mold removal. 

If you notice green mold growing in your home, schedule a cleanup with Service Master for detailed cleaning and removal. They have a professional team offering water damage cleanup in Staten Island, mold removal being one of their services. 

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