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Water Damage Restoration In Staten Island | Signs Of Water-Damaged Floors

Water Damage Restoration in Staten Island | Signs of Water-Damaged Floors

Excess water and heavy moisture below your floors can cause floor damage. This calls for floor replacement to protects your home from further damage and ensure it is safe. To spot water-damaged floors, you ought to understand the signs of the same. So what are the common signs that your flooring needs replacement?

Cupping Floorboards

Cupping results from an imbalance of moisture on floors. When one side of wood gains more moisture than the other, its boards tend to swell. When this occurs frequently,the plank edges appear raised while the center appears flat. 

Cupping signifies extensive water damage, which calls for flooring replacement. Luckily, ServiceMaster provides floor replacement services for cupping floors to help revamp your home and increase its value.

Crowning of Floors

This is the opposite of cupping. It is where the center of the floorboards seems flat while the edges are raised. Cupping is likely to happen to homeowners living in a humid climate. Retaining moisture for an extended period can cause swelling of the wood. If this happens, call us at ServiceMaster for water damage restoration including floor replacement. 

Buckling Floors

Failing to attend to cupping and crowning floorboards can cause them to pop out from the subfloors. This can cause physical injuries to people at home. Water and moisture can also cause buckling. Call ServiceMaster when you start tripping over your floors. Our specialists are well-equipped to replace your floors.

Warping Floors

This is the change in the shape of the planks of wood flooring. Excess water causes warping of floors due to lack of moisture balance. ServiceMaster is a professional water restoration company that sorts all your flooring issues.


Floorboards require a little bit of care. Reach out to us at ServiceMaster for complete water damage restoration including repair and replacement of your floors. Our team is skilled and equipped to take on any extent of damage your floors suffer.

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