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Water Disaster Restoration In New Jersey | Tips For Water Heater Maintenance 

Water Disaster Restoration in New Jersey | Tips for Water Heater Maintenance 

Most water heaters can last over ten years in full functionality, but that does not mean they do not need regular maintenance. You want to prevent damages associated with a faulty water heater by staying on top of its maintenance.


Get professional help for quick and effective restoration if a water disaster arises. ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration in New Jersey and can come in handy to restore your home quickly.


Here are tips for maintaining your water heater.


Flush the Water Heater Frequently

Your water heater stores water even when it is not in use. If you do not flush it regularly, the deposits from water sitting start to build up in the unit. These can easily stifle the units’ heating elements, affecting their overall functionality.


Turn off the water source first, then connect a garden hose to flush out the water. Call ServiceMaster for quick restoration if the water spills and causes a water disaster. The company offers water disaster restoration in New Jersey and the environs.


Lower the Temperature

Lowering the temperature of the water heater will help reduce the chance of being scolded and decrease utility bills. Additionally, these will prolong the heater’s life as it will not have to work as much to maintain the high water temperatures.


Check the Pressure Relief Valve 

If the water heater’s pressure builds up, it can result in an explosion. Check the pressure relief valve to make sure it functions right. A tip for this is to turn off the power source and the cold water supply valve.


Then place a bucket under the pressure release valve to train the pressure with the valve tap. This will clear the pressure buildup, and water will stop draining.


On top of maintaining your water heater is having a reliable water restoration company if a water disaster occurs. ServiceMaster has a professional team providing water disaster restoration in New Jersey. They will ensure a seamless and effective restoration process, getting your home back to operation.

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