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Water Disaster Restoration In Staten Island | Water Disaster Restoration Tips From Professionals

Water Disaster Restoration in Staten Island | Water Disaster Restoration Tips from Professionals

Water damage may be a result of a broken pipe or extreme weather. External factors like storms can trigger flooding, and internal sources like damaged pipes, broken water heaters, and dishwashers can cause water damage leaving you an expensive affair to deal with.

As stressful as that seems, having water disaster restoration professionals can save you a whole lot of money. And, you can be sure of effective restoration regardless of the extent of the damage.

Tips from Professionals | Water Disaster Restoration in Staten Island

Ensure Safety

Water damage can weaken the walls of your home, leading to their collapse anytime. Before starting the restoration, make sure the home guarantees your safety. Also, when working on the affected area, wear your protective gear. If flood water has compromised the structural stability of your dwelling, consider hiring a professional to handle the damage.

Shut Off Your Home’s Water Supply

Shut off your home’s main water supply, if the disaster is as a result of a fault in your water line. Doing this immediately will save you from the extreme process of restoring your valuables while preventing further damage to your home’s components.

If standing water makes navigating to the main supply difficult, get professional help. Our team has broad experience in water disaster restoration, so you can trust them to remove the water, dry the area and restore the home effectively.

Disconnect the Power

Proceed with the cleanup only after shutting down the power supply. If you are attending to flood water, remember that electrocution is a possible occurrence. Also, unplug all electronics and avoid trying to switch them on, especially with wet hands.

After you have completed the restoration process, consult an electrician to scrutinize the damage to your electrical lines. As a rule of thumb, replace all electrical components under an electrician’s advice.

Get Professionals for Cleanup

Attempting to cleanup after a disaster is not only a safety risk but also a recipe for further damage. Leave the mess for professionals who come with effective equipment and are trained to handle varying extents of disasters.

ServiceMaster is a renowned company providing water disaster restoration in Staten Island. Our team will come with the right tools, assess the damage and restore your home effectively.

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