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Water Disaster Restoration Services In Staten Island | What To Do After A Burst Pipe Flood

Water Disaster Restoration Services in Staten Island | What To Do After a Burst Pipe Flood

A burst pipe might not seem like much of a problem until your valuables are floating in your flooded basement. Initially, it may be overwhelming, but you can get to the cause with a reliable restoration company in no time.

If your home is flooded and you are looking for water disaster restoration services in Staten Island, our team at ServiceMaster can come on board and start the restoration process. Before arrival, we advise you do these few things to prevent further damage.


Turn Off the Power

If your electrical line comes into contact with the flooding water, this might cause additional problems. You risk being electrocuted in the process, and your appliances are at risk of failure. Therefore, turn off the main power switch to ensure safety.

Turn Off the Water

Turn off the water as soon as you figure out the source of the burst pipe. If you cannot find its source, turn the water off from the primary inlet of the house. This will prevent further flooding, which is crucial in reducing the extent of the damage.

Seek Professional Help

It is not advisable to do the restoration yourself, as the extent of the damage may be more extensive than you would think. Getting a professional saves you time and money and ensures the root problem is resolved as soon as possible.

If you are in Staten Island, ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration services, allowing you to take a step back in such overwhelming situations. Our team will respond quickly and start restoration in due time.

Dealing with burst pipes is no small task, which is why you need the services of ServiceMaster. Our team is skilled and has all the essential tools to restore following water disasters. Call us today for water disaster restoration services in Staten Island.

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