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Repairing Flood Damage – Everything You Need To Know

Repairing Flood Damage – Everything You Need to Know

Flood damage costs homeowners, on average, $1,046 to $4,059 to restore their property. If water damage has led to small drips in your ceiling or broken fixtures, this can be manageable. However, if standing water has damaged your furniture and carpet and triggered mold growth, you might have to incur heavy costs repairing flood damage.

Even so, you will need professional flood damage cleanup. Thankfully, our team at ServiceMaster is equipped and skilled to ensure effective cleanup and timely restoration. 

Natural disasters and burst sewer lines can deteriorate the quality of your home. While the repair process may require the service of professionals, knowing what it takes for a successful restoration process is key. 

Why Flood Damage Cleanup is Important 

Unwanted water in your home comes with expensive damages. Lingering water will pose a threat to the strength and functionality of your home. Therefore, it is necessary to remove excess water early and cut the damage process. 

Flood water may look clear, but this does not mean it is free from bacteria. Water coming from burst sewage lines can affect your health, incurring more costs. On this note, contact a professional to run the repairs. 

It only takes a few hours for unwanted water in your property to start damaging your furniture and metal fixtures. Splits on your furniture and stains on your carpets indicate flood damage getting out of hand. 

After 24 hours of water being in contact with the walls and flooring, mold will start to show up. You should leave the removal of mold to the professionals to ensure your safety. At ServiceMaster we will start flood damage cleanup and get your home’s functionality back in due time. 

Trying to restore your property can lead to mistakes that might affect your insurance claim. Your best option should be to contact a professional to guide you in negotiating a claim and mitigating the flood damage. 

You need to hire a reputable company to help with the restoration process. Our certified professionals will assess the situation and create a viable strategy to get your home back together. And, we have experience providing flood damage cleanup in Staten Island and the environs. So call us and leave the mess to us.

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