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Water Damage Restoration In Staten Island | Factors Affecting Mold Growth At Home

Water Damage Restoration in Staten Island | Factors Affecting Mold Growth at Home

Water damage carries the risk of mold growth. Mold grows within 24-48 hours after water damage and if it continues to grow can result in extreme destruction of property and increased health risks. 

The chance of mold growth, however, depends on the intensity of water damage and the nature of the surface affected. At ServiceMaster, we provide water damage restoration in Staten Island, so if you have mold in your home, feel free to call us for prompt remediation. 

What are some of the factors that affect mold growth at home?


The temperature of an area determines whether mold will grow or not. Mold thrives in warm, humid environments; therefore, an area with low temperatures inhibits mold growth, whereas areas with high temperatures encourage mold growth. 


The level of moisture around the affected area influences mold growth. Mold survives in areas with high moisture content. Therefore, it is crucial for you to dry affected areas completely after water damage to inhibit mold growth.

The Surface Material

Some surface materials are susceptible to mold growth, while others are not. Porous materials such as wood are prone to mold growth. That said, it is essential to keep your surfaces dry after water damage to help control mold growth.


Time is an essential factor in determining mold. Failing to address water damage within 24-48 hours creates a risk for mold growth. The longer the water is left, the more mold will grow and spread. It is prudent to address water damage quickly to reduce the risk of mold growth.


The amount of light in a room influences mold growth. Mold is likely to grow in dark areas such as basements. If mold is not remediated quickly, it poses a considerable risk to people at home. Homeowners should reduce the amount of light in mold-prone areas to help control the risk. 


Understanding the various factors that influence mold growth at home is important. This helps you take the necessary steps to reduce mold growth, keeping your home safe. ServiceMaster is a company you can count on for mold remediation. Our specialists are well-equipped to provide water damage restoration in Staten Island, and mold remediation is one of our sought-after service. 

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