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Water Disaster Restoration In New Jersey | 3 Questions You Should Ask Your Insurance Company When Dealing With A Water Disaster

Water Disaster Restoration in New Jersey | 3 Questions You Should Ask Your Insurance Company When Dealing with a Water Disaster

Navigating a water disaster can be quite a challenge, even with a restoration company and an insurance company on board. You need to engage your water restoration company immediately to prevent further damage. ServiceMaster is a reliable option if you are looking for water disaster restoration in New Jersey.


With that aside, what questions should you ask your insurance company after a water disaster?


What Does Home Insurance Cover?

You ought to understand what your insurance company covers regarding water damage and disasters. You want to be sure of the specific issues that your insurance cover should take up. You do not want to blindly accept their offer without looking through what your policy states.


Go through the list of things covered by the insurance and ask as many questions about how they deal with each issue. For example, if your insurance company covers leaky pipes, what do they do in the event of a water disaster caused by leaking pipes?


How Long Will It Take to Repair?

Now that you are clear on the things under your cover, seek to understand how long the insurance company will take to start repairs and replacements. Some insurance companies take too long, causing further damage to your property, which eventually costs you more.


The best approach is to have a water restoration company on board from the beginning so that repairs can start soon enough. ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration in New Jersey so if you are looking for a reliable team, call them.


What Should You Submit to the Insurance Company?

To make the most use of your insurance company, you need to have the documents right. Ask them what you need to submit to get a claim or benefit from your cover successfully. These could be pictures of the scene, copies of your policy agreements, etc.

If you face a water disaster and need water disaster restoration in New Jersey, ServiceMaster will tend to the mess and restore the home to functionality. Call them for immediate and effective restoration.

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