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Water Disaster Restoration In Staten Island

Water Disaster Restoration in Staten Island

Ways to Prevent Water Damage in the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the rooms with the most water traffic. That means the risks of water damage are higher than in other areas in the house. The good thing, though, is if you suffer water damage in the bathroom, ServiceMaster can help you restore the space. They provide water disaster restoration in Staten Island and the neighboring areas. 

Here is how to prevent water damage in the bathroom. 

Keep Up with Maintenance

Like other areas of your home, keeping up with bathroom maintenance is the best way to prevent water damage. Check the condition of the plumbing regularly and repair or replace the parts to avoid leaks. 

Additionally, test the valves for the toilet, shower, and sink to ensure they are functioning correctly. Check the faucet supply lines, too, and assess the condition of the hidden ones. If you find any cracked parks, repair them immediately to prevent a higher cost of restoration. 

Do Not Overwork the Fittings

Water damage can arise from overworking the toilets, tubs, and sinks. Keep an eye on young children and teach them how to use the fittings without clogging them. Also, keep the faucets and water supply lines off when not in use to minimize moisture buildup. 

In the event of water damage in the bathroom, call ServiceMaster for timely restoration to prevent further damage. The team provides water disaster restoration in Staten Island using highly effective tools and equipment. 

Water damage in the bathroom can be destructive and expensive to repair. Therefore, stay on track with maintenance to ensure each fitting and fixture is working optimally. If you happen to deal with water damage, call ServiceMaster. The well-equipped team is known for incredible water disaster restoration in Staten Island and the environs.

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